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MAS Akvaryum Tunnel Aquariums & Urban Aquariums is a special aquarium designer and has been developing turnkey public aquarium projects since 1997. Our company focuses on providing the best possible service to our customers and designing our services to meet their individual requirements. We offer the highest quality and the best solutions for the global aquarium industry. Also, we always deliver on time. We founded this company for customers who got bored with conventional aquarium designs. We see the aquarium as an exceptional architectural element in public spaces such as shopping malls, commercial centers and small spaces such as homes and offices. When we install a large aquarium, our experienced staff makes sure that it transforms into a spectacular visual feast and offers a unique experience to the visitors.

With our Custom Made Aquariums, we offer special aquarium tanks and accessories with designs customized for your space. Our goal is to bring the beauty and freshness of water to you. In addition to our medium and large-scale projects, we make your dream aquariums come true in your homes, businesses (hotels, restaurants, hospitals, stores, pools, shopping centers), public spaces or outdoor parks. To follow our references / reference projects in various countries and professionals with in-depth experience

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MAS is a company with experience in project management for turnkey urban aquariums, Tunnel Aquarium projects and all other aquariums. We are experts in subjects such as project planning, detailed design, assessment engineering, exhibition area design, habitat propagation.


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MAS-brand aquariums were first manufactured in the year 1997. Introducing many innovations to the aquarium industry, MAS Akvaryum is the first brand in Turkey for aquariums with plastic covers. It is also the first and only CE-certified aquarium brand and the first aquarium brand with a 2-year warranty in Turkey. Our company aims to further develop MAS Akvaryum systems, which have a proven track record, to become one of the most preferred aquarium brands both in local and global markets. For this purpose, we are combining our experience with a young and dynamic staff while working to introduce even more innovations and new products to the aquarium industry. 


Our Value is Our Customers;



Our Goal; is to offer high quality products and services with affordable prices to reach our customers from all cities in Turkey in addition to Turkic Republics, countries in Central Asia and Europe, in order to become one of the region's leading companies in the industry.


Our Purpose; is to utilize the opportunities presented by information technology to be close to our customers, to create cost advantage and to offer high quality products and services with more affordable prices.


Our Team; is comprised of project implementation experts who are knowledgeable in the fields of metal construction and cladding, glass and acrylic aquarium design, aquatic creatures and chemistry, filtration, aquatic life cycles; who closely follow the latest aquarium building technologies.


Reklam Akvaryumu


Since 1997


Projects Completed in 69 Turkish Provinces


Projects Completed in 15 Countries


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